How to Add an Unsubscribe Link to Your Email Campaign


A campaign is a collection of marketing activities that include emails, email workflows, web plugins, print media, digital advertising, or a combination of activities. A campaign can either be supplier-provided or you can create your own campaign. By creating campaigns, you will be able to gather data in one place for all the marketing activities around a specific product or service.

You should always give recipients the option to unsubscribe from your marketing activities with a single click. How will the unsubscribes be treated? All recipients that unsubscribe may be added to your global Suppression List. Check Settings > Company Profile > Unsubscribe Options, to see how your system is defined.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password

How to Add an Unsubscribe Link to Your Mailing

Not sure how to add the unsubscribe link to an email? No worries - Zift123 will automatically add an unsubscribe link to any email that doesn't already have one!

  1. From Campaign > My Campaigns > Personalize, insert your unsubscribe text into the footer of the email.
  2. With your cursor, highlight the word unsubscribe.
  3. Select the link icon in the rich text editor.
  4. Choose a Link Type: URL, Protocol: <other> and in the URL field type [UNSUBSCRIBE].
  5. Select Publish Changes to save your work. 


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