2017 July Software Updates


  • Zift123 will now create a company name based on email address during contact uploads. 
  • Partner Default Fields now have more flexibility. 

July 12, 2017

  • Partner Default Fields - Partner Default Fields are the values that Zift123 will apply as the default value for any activity, in any campaign, across the application. Administrators define these fields during system set-up. The ability to save a partner default field value as the new default is available to any user with the Marketing user role. If the field is a partner default field, the option to save as a default will always appear. If the field value is saved as the default, then you will not need to enter the data every time. Learn more about activity personalization.

July 5, 2017

  • Company Match - Zift123 will improve a contact's company information based on previous company information resulting in improved reporting. The company contact information can be viewed when adding a single contact and when importing files to create a contact list. Zift123 will make an effort to populate the company information in two ways:
    • Zift123 will populate the company information based on the contact email domain when a company name is not included in the contact information. For example, will result in Apple, Inc. contact information being added to the work phone, address 1, address 2, city, state, and country.
    • Zift123 will put in the correct company name if it is misspelled or incomplete. For example, an entry for Zift Solution would be updated to Zift Solutions. If the correction is not desired by the user, the user can change the Zift123 correction. Zift123 will make only one change in an effort to correct the name. 


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